Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Receive the Good Ever-Flowing. Ever-Growing You.

Receive the Good. Life is. Right here. Right now. Breath by breath. Open your Heart. Sip in the Good. Abundance ever-flowing. Ever-growing You in this moment. Every moment. Every day. Let go of the projections that The Good will come someday. Let go of the belief that You will know the Abundance of Life when you Materialize this dream or experience some specific event or when the Stars all align as You want them to. You are delaying Your Good. Cutting off the divine stream ever-nourishing You. You are denying your Self the Riches of Life that pour through You. Me. All. Here. In this moment. Pull your Self into Present Time. Using your sacred breath to release the grips of your Mind that is stuck in Ideas of what makes life Good. Defining abundance placing conditions on Life. Mentalizing instead of riding the waves of grace pulsing through You. Missing the opportunity to Play with the Infinite. Universal Force Field animating You. Me. All of Creation. This Love ever-springing. Ever-flowing. Eternally singing. Echoing this Vibration. Harmonizing You. Leading You RIGHT here into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Hatching potentials. Awakening seeds of Promise. Guiding You into the Beauty. You are. Life is. Untangle your Self. Call on assisting forces, your Higher Self, this Love that lies within You. Receive the Good. Feel it wash You. Purging residues of grief, heartbreak and disappointment. Cleansing you of limiting beliefs that cage You. Liberating you from your wounded Self that hijacks the Good. Drop into Your Heart. Fierce. Courageous. Unstoppable. Do what ya gotta do. Say what ya gotta say. Act on your behalf. Live Open. Knowing this is Your Life. It is a Good Life. All you have to do is be willing to Receive this Good. This Love. This Abundance. Open your Heart. Watch the seas Part. Welcome the Miracle experiencing the Truth of You. It matters Not what you materialize if you don't feel your Spirit aligned with the heavens. You will feel empty. Hollow. Starved. Longing to connect to the Source as You are surrounded by everything you thought would bring the Good. This Love. The Abundance. Claim this Good. Accept the Riches. Connect to the Abundance. Now. And go enthusiastically about your day, your life materializing your Spirit. Pulling dreams down for the sheer joy of expressing Your Self. Living the Passion. Your magnificent Heart setting the world on Fire. Because it feels Amazing to be Alive. You. Being You. Doing You. Plugged into the Beauty of Life dancing Free. This is EVERYTHING. It is. Hell Yeah!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

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