Monday, September 8, 2014

Bless the Mess: Yours. Mine. Ours.

Trust Life. Trust Your Self. It is All Perfect. It Is. Always. Bless the Mess. Yours. Mine. Ours. You. Me. We. Need the messes that come. The shit storms that shake Us up. That shake Life Up. Feeling as if it will Kill Us. Like we cannot possibly make it through. A stripping away. Again and again of what is inessential. The storms. The challenges. The death cycles forcing us to Let Go. Actually come to Free Us. More of Us. Ready to Play. Now. Here. This moment. This Day. Bigger. Bolder. Stronger. Braver. The Gift of the Chaos. The Drama. The Devastating events. The crap we wanna wish away because it Sucks ass and we wouldn't wish it on anyone. Stop! Pause. Bless it All. It All has led You here. To who You are Now. You navigating Life. Whatever comes. Believing Good things will surely come even when you feel swallowed by the hurt. The Pain. Let the skies Fall. Grieve what was. Feel the loss. Let new skies come. Muster the Courage from Your fierce Heart to do what ya gotta do to plug Your Self into Now. Be vigilant. Direct Your attention to what You want to Create. Breathe. Inhaling this Love. This Universal Field within You. Let it part the Seas. Walk. Be Present. Be Alive. As never before. Trusting Your Self. Trusting Life. Extracting the Wisdom. The Beauty. Ever-Present. Always Here. Exhale. Let go of Fear. Worry. Doubt. Anxiety. Acknowledge It. Give it space with Your Breath. And like a balloon. Let it Go with the winds. Sail Your Ship. Know what you want. And Dare. To do things differently. Make different choices out of Love for You. Because You Must. Because it is Time to pull down Your Dreams. Waiting on You. To let go. To align with Your truest Self. Calling You Home. Setting the world on Fire with Your Passion. Your Love of Living. Because it feels Good to FEEL Good. You are worthy of the Good the heavens blow through You. This Day. This Lifetime. Say THANK YOU! As you walk your path. Leaving Your Mark. Knowing You are the Offering. Rip your Heart Open and Pour Your Self into the World. Wider and wider and wider. Hell Yeah! Look at You. Celebrating Life. All of It. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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