Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Know Thyself: This is who I AM.

The paradox of Life. Understanding You. Building a strong Ego and surrendering It. Letting Go! Letting the Amazing Grace of the Universe dance You into Life. More Life. Again and again. The new Shores calling You. Until the end Of this poetic Journey. Bitter and Sweet. Appreciating You. Loving You. Creating a strong sense of Self. The inner foundation ever-nourishing You. Knowing who You are uniquely. Seeing what You being You do. The effect You have on the whole. All necessary to stand in this world with an Ego that can express the Soul. Offer the gift You are. Truth. Beauty. Echoing from You. This is who I AM. Moving from your Center. Navigating the moments day by day. Ever-growing. Seeing the pieces click together. The Sacred blueprint within. The invisible thread connecting You to who You need to meet. Leading You to where you need to go. Next. The web of Life. At Play. Dancing with Infinity. Following the flow. Grounding in Your Self. No wandering aimlessly. Being where You are. Fully. Tuned In. Plugged In. To your Self. To the Universe. Feeling this force of Love guiding You. Home. Surprise! Destiny. You experiencing You. More Magnificent than You ever could have imagined. Pure. No manufacturing. No Trying. No Controlling. No gripping the reins cutting Off the Flow. Getting in the Way of the divine orchestration unfolding You. Taking You into Your greatest Joy and Highest Good. Pause all day long. Check In. Align. Integrate. Be Here. Engaging All of You. Breath by breath. Freeing your Self from the cage of the mind spinning. Limiting You. Draining You. This precious Life. Make this Day Great knowing the GREATness You embody. Have Fun being You! Ohhh...it is damn good to be YOU:). It is. Remember: within You lies the Power to part the seas and move the mountains; and the Courage to take the First Step into New Life. Right Now. Be BRAVE! Be BOLD! Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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