Friday, September 12, 2014

You are Significant Beyond Measure

Dare to Believe with all your Heart that your life, YOU, are significant beyond measure. The seeds You sew benefit the Whole. Believe Anything is Possible! That all the delays you have experienced were perfect. Trust the divine Timing of the Universe. Unfolding You. Blossoming You. Magnificently. Poetically. Let go of ideas that You have done something wrong. And focus on everything you are doing Right. Right Now. Today. This Moment. Pull your energy out of past wounds and open you Heart wider than you feel is Safe. The world needs You and your brave Heart offering your Self fully. Freeing the Passion that lies in the depths of You. Loving life with All of You. You being You. Doing You. Inviting the Universe to show off through You. You the Sacred vessel. You the Offering. Being You. Not who you think you should be. Not who others expect you to be. Boldly moving through this day, this life opening windows within You ever-revealing what was once concealed. The surprise of You. Beyond the constructed Self. The fixed identity that is limiting and confining. Liberate Your Self. Cut those old beliefs, patterns, Attitudes and programming loose. Be free. Body. Mind. Heart. and Soul. Enjoy the discovery of You. Your secret desires. Aligned with the Creative Force within You. The universal field Alive within You connecting you to your Truth. Your Beauty. This Love animating all if Creation. Oh...the Joy of wanting. This palpable feeling that lifts your Heart and stirs your soul and awakens dormant energies ready to Play. Here. Now. This Day. Notice your resistance. Your reluctance to Dive In. To plunge into this Dance with Infinity. Willing. Opening. Believing. Allowing. Grounding. All the Dreams you came here to Express. Birthing Your Self. Again and again. Feeling the Magic of You. Riding this Amazing Life with sails wide Open to the graces of the Universe Ever-assisting You. Leading You Home to more of You. Making you whole. Filling the cracks from wounds of the past. Flying You over the rainbow. Following your Bliss. Letting go and letting your fierce Heart pave new paths. Knowing with All of you that you are worthy and deserving of a Life you absolutely Love. Believe! Believe! Believe! Faith in your Self = Faith in Humanity. Together we Rise. AWEsome! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

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