Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be The Change: You Dancing Free, Free Me.

Be the change. You. Me. All. Being who You are. Me being me. You evolving. Me evolving. As individuals. Unique expressions of Creation pouring into the Collective. Awakening to All You are. Again and again. Freeing more of You. Dancing with infinity plugged into a Greater Sense of Self. Ruling Your life from the Inside Out. Authentic action guided by your inner compass that is raw. Uncensored. Wild. Pure potential ever-hatching for Your Joy. Living On Purpose. Deliberately moving through the days moment by moment tuned into what makes You feel Alive and what doesn't. Remembering You excited by Life being You is EVERYTHING! You connected to the essence of You. This Love You are. This Goodness. Soul fueled. Abundance ever-flowing. This Creative force field expanding You. Ever-Blossoming You until your last breath. The Seasons of Life cycling through. All necessary. Amazing Grace stripping what must go now. Pruning You. Clipping what is inessential. You cannot carry what is dead into New Life awaiting You. Trusting all that comes. The bitter. The sweet. It is All part of the Adventure. Living Heart-based is Extraordinary! Welcoming the Surprise of life. The Surprise of You. Ever-exploring. Ever-experimenting. Ever-wondering. Fierce. Courageous. Grateful. Hopeful. Joyful. Loving. Passionate. Limitless. Open. ALIVE! In ways You could never have known is Possible. All this Magic from daring to Show Up. Be You. Honor You. Do You. Love You. Free You. Understanding at the level of Soul that always Knows: WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! When you HONOR You, you Honor me. When I Love Me, I Love You. Receiving this Grace You embody. Living from THANK YOU. Feeling the Vitality of Life Springing through You. Aligned with the Source. You are a Force. The Vibration of You rising lifts us All. You Being the Change. Change me. Change All. How AMAZING this Ride is! Let go of worrying if You are doing Life right and Just Do You. Be You. Living simply. Simply being You. Remembering this is Enough. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!!!

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