Friday, September 26, 2014

I Know! I Know! I Know!

You matter. You matter. You matter. I know! I know! I know! What a magical feeling it is to Know with all of your Heart that You Matter. And When someone affirms You, reminding You that You matter offering you encouraging words, this resonance echoes through You: "I Know." And Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! You dare to say out loud with the truest confidence that comes from a sense of Self, the claiming of Your gifts, the receiving of Your graces: "I KNOW." Smiling with all of You. Nodding Yessss! As you stand tall, look the person in the eye receiving their kindness and saying: THANK YOU! (For noticing. For seeing me. For cheering me on. For assuring me that I Matter.) Know Thyself is the wisdom of the ages. Your Journey here on earth an adventure into Your Self at Play with the Universe as you show up, live, do what you do, being You and discovering More. Always More! As You are ever-growing. Your Soul came here to experience Life freeing this Passion, this Love flowing from within where you are aligned with your Higher Self expressing uniquely for your Joy. Beyond survival. Beyond enduring. Letting go of these old paradigms that bleed your precious Life Force and Steal your Dreams, your Hopes, your Wonderment. Creating a Life from pleasure Not pain. Giving the Hurt, the Fear space to breathe and releasing it with each exhale. Letting go. Opening. Rooting in this flow beneath the chaos. Riding this abiding wave of Grace ushering You into your truest life. Connecting to the Power within You that parts the seas clearing obstacles, beliefs that must Go. Remembering what you KNOW. Who you are. Following your Bliss. Returning to this Innocence. This essence of who you are. Knowing what you Know grounding in this Self reverence and reverence for All. In Awe of You. All. Seeing the Beauty that Is. This Life is Wonderful. It Is! You are Wonderful. You are. I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! Be Brave. Go Boldly into this Day with Your Heart wide Open. LOVE this day with All of You. Not because You should. Not because I say. Because it FEELS GOOD to feel good. Living Open. Loving Big. Believing your JOY in being You changes this World. Your Joy is my JOY. My Joy is your JOY. Happydance. Be at Play being YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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