Monday, September 29, 2014

You Bring the Light!

What a Wonderful World! Yes. It. Is. Filled with Amazing people. Each of you a unique expression. A part of the whole. We are One. We are. Your Passion is your offering. This force of Love echoing from your Brave Heart lights this world Up! Yes. The Love in Your Heart is the Hope. You embody the Heart of the World. Always there. Always here. You bring the Light of the heavens into the moments being You. Touching your divine essence. Knowing YOU MATTER. Remembering what lies within You. Receiving the graces You embody. Aligning with the Universe. Grounding in a sense of your Higher Self. Seeing clearly that You are the Offering. Yes. You. Showing Up for your Life this day. Each day. Daring to Believe that You make a difference. You are the Sacred vessel going about this day doing what You do. Your willingness to Live Open tuning into Your inner guidance. The Universe within You awakening You to more of You. Calling You into Your Brave Heart. Feel Your way. This moment. This day. Every day. Listening to the nudges. Not dismissing the Wisdom that speaks to You mind, body, heart and soul through energy. Energy Doesn't lie. No Bullshit. It is Either flowing or not. Mustering the courage to do what You must to Free your Joy. Climbing the mountains that come. Riding the choppy waters. Trusting the obstacles are leading You into the Wonders of You. Walking in certainty in the midst of uncertainty. Holding your own Hand feeling the Hand of the Universe within your own hand. Ever-connected. In thy Hands! Plugging into the Source of All. Being brave. Going into new depths of You. Exploring. Imagining. KNOWING: the power that lies within You to move the mountains and calm the waters. Finding Your way. There. Here. Within You. Walking in Faith. Centered. Moving with immeasurable strength sipping from this well within You. This inner foundation where you Rise to heights you could never have imagined. Being You. Bringing the Love. The Hope. The Light into the world. Reminding All: What a Wonderful World it is! Life is Wondrous. Discovering the Wonders of You. Pouring your JOY into the Hearts of All. Now, this is Fierce living. Being the Change. Creating your Life from JOY not Fear. Letting Go again and again. Going within. Badass Brave! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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