Thursday, September 18, 2014

KNOWing with All Your Heart!

What have you always Known? In the depths of You beyond reason, beyond programming or conditioning. Sit with this. Let Go. Don't try to figure this out. Don't spin this in your mind. Let this organically wash up, echoing Truth, reminding You who you are and what You really want. Beyond shoulds and oughts buying into some idea of what makes life good. What's the life you came here to Live for the Joy of expressing You? Each of us is a unique expression. So sacred. A part of the whole. Your Joy is my Joy and my Joy is your Joy. The vibration of You expressing JOYfully! living authentically changes the world. Freeing Your Passion. Loving your Self and creating a Life you Love lifts us All. Awakens the possibilities that stir within all of Humanity. The universe is intensely shaking us Up inviting us to Let Go of old beliefs built from Fear around controlling our Self and our Life. This model of Control contains and limits. Drop into the space within remembering: YOU are Limitless. Welcome the surprise of You and Life. It is an opportunity for us All to evolve, to go beyond what we know is possible. Breaking free of paradigms and patterns that have played out and must GO so we can reach for New life. New ways of being and showing UP. Heart based NOT controlling life based on mental constructs. The Heart is Fierce. Steadfast. Courageous. Daring. Wide Open. Trusting Life. Our Self. The Universe within US. Liberating us from limitations into our Dreams waiting for Us to align to the Good we are. Life IS. Even when we cannot see it. The fear of Change will make us block all Life cutting off Flow including BLESSINGS. Abundance. Goodness. Let GO! Again and again. Breathe. Love your Self no matter what. When Fear and Judgment washes Up, give it space to breathe and Let it Go! Love frees. Fear holds US hostage!!!! Fly out of the Cage. Laughing with Excitement over the GOOD that is and GOOD coming your way! PLEASE Believe. Believe with All of your Heart beyond what feels Safe. Permission to Jump. Leap. for Your Joy. for Your Love of living and being badass YOU. This Force You are housing the Universe. This Love You are. The Power to part the seas liberating You and Your Life. BELIEVE in Your Self. Believe in what You Know that others do not know and cannot know because they aren't You. You Matter! Your Joy Matters. Follow Your Heart and let it Happydance YOU this day and every day to a life Over the Rainbow. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!!! Do you. Be YOU. Free You!

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