Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let Go of What You're Holding!

Breathe In this moment. Breathe In this Day. Breathe In Life. Deliberately. Deeply. Inviting your breath Into every fiber of your being. And beyond. Expanding your sense of Self. Making space. Energizing You. Connecting You. Awakening You. Sip by sip. More Breath. More Life washing through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Feeling aligned with the Universe. Fully supported. Letting Go of resistance to Life, to what Is in this moment. Fear, doubt, worry, anxiety releasing from You. What you are consciously and unconsciously grinding On. Holding Onto. Bleeding your precious Life Force. Leaving little energy to fuel You. Your Dreams. Your wants. Your desires for this Day, for this Life. Whisper sweetly to Yourself and hold your own hand as you Breathe: "I got ya! It's okay to Let Go. And Trust Life at another depth." Living Open. Wider and Wider. Letting Go! Again and again. Receiving as you Inhale this Love You are. The heavens Alive within You. Letting Love, the Universal Flow of Life free You from operating unconsciously from the wounds, the pain of the Past. Gripping You. Draining You. Robbing You of the Joy in Living. Being You. Doing All You wanna Do. Today. Tomorrow. This Lifetime. Make it Safe for your Self. LOVE your Self in every moment. Let Go of judgment! Stop shaming your Self! Let Go of trying to be "Good" and acknowledge: You are Good! Always. No matter. Accept your Self. See the best in You. Bless your Self especially what You curse. When you Let Go and Allow, You Live fully. Aware. Making it okay to be Human. It is Fun to be Human. Fallible. Flawed. Alive in the direct experience. Present. Saying what ya gotta say. Being You. Doing what ya gotta do. Doing You. Letting IN the Love ever-pouring through You. Letting Your Heart be LIGHT. Enjoying who you are. Entertained by your unique perspectives and observations. Laughing. Smiling from the inside Out appreciating You. The world needs You. All of You. Walking Your walk. Being You. Doing You. Freeing your Joy. Loving Life. And it is Fun to be You:)). Let more of You come Out to PLAY this Day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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