Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dance Your Dance!

Let the Energies of this New Day dance You. Free You. Lift You. Reveal You. Lead You Home. To a deeper Sense of Self. Who You are Now. What you want Now. Grounded. Feeling the Power You embody. Listening to the Music of Your fierce Heart singing Your truest Song. Standing on your Own two feet connected to this universal Force, this Love within You. Trusting your Self. Knowing You are assisted and supported all day, every day by the heavens echoing through your very breath. Seize opportunities that come your way! Experiment. Explore. Say YES! To things that scare the shit out of You. Whatever you are resisting, lean into It. Do it. Let your Brave Heart break you OUT of old patterns and programming that no longer serve. Act. Do. Move. Dance Your Dance as if no one is watching. Dance Your Dance as if Your very Life depends on It. Let Go! Come into the moment. Tune in. Let this new Rhythm springing from within harmonize You. Balance You. Center You. Lead You into your truest Life. What Feels Good. Here. Now. No settling. Honor your restless Heart. Aching. Longing. Breaking You OUT. Emboldening You. Ain't no time for living tucked away in the Safety of the familiar. Protecting your Self from Life. The disappointment. Creating life from Fear. Carrying what is dead around. Plugged into the past that is done. No way to fuel, to animate your Dreams Now. Consciously clip the past imagining scissors slicing away, untethering You, liberating You to Dance in Present time. Occupying your Body. Mind. Heart. And Soul. Wholly alive. Engaged. Deliberately walking into this Dream life is. Awake. Tasting the Beauty. Feeling the Possibilities pulsing through your Breath. Dancing You. Home. Beyond the Story that keeps you small. Be Inspired. Living from the Inside OUT. Remember: This Love you are. This Love experienced Is the Dream. Receive this Love. Sip it In. Let it move the mountains constructed by your mind. You are worthy of all the Good in this Life. Dance. Happy:). Dance. Joyfully:). Do You. Be You. Love You. Be in Awe that You get to Dance this Dance as You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!

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