Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Life You Came to Live.

This. This moment is Your Life. Grace-filled. Possibilities hatching. The Dream experienced. Feeling this Love You are. Always. Come fully into This Day. Here. Now. Use your breath to connect to the whole of You. Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Let go! Opening. Flowing. With the assisting forces ever-guiding You home. to Your Self. The Truth of You. The Power of You. Stand on this earth rooted in this human journey knowing you are a creator in the flesh. Participating. Dancing with the Great Creator. Within You. Animating You. Me. All. Remembering: You are The Love of the heavens embodied. You are holy. You Matter. You are here to Live the Passion. Free the Joy in being You. You Know You Are aligned with Your Soul. Your Sacred Self When You See The ever-present Beauty. The Extraordinary In what most dismiss as "ordinary" stuck in the limitations. In the victim consciousness so pervasive in humanity. The higher Self gives us a bird's eye view perching us in our Soul that knows every experience brings opportunity to evolve and grow and lead us into our highest good and greatest Joy. Amazing Grace lifting veils. Clutching your Heart Feeling the Abiding "Thank You" Echoing Free. You. Exquisitely Alive. Home within Your Self. Connected to the whole. One with the One. The heavens nodding: YES! Assuring You. This is the Life You came Here To Live. Let go of beliefs around a Punishing universe. The old paradigms that you are here to suffer and sacrifice. Unworthy of this Abundance Life is. Invite the Universe to blow through You dismantling core beliefs that strangle your precious Life force. Keeping you small. Caging You. No more! Know: Anything is Possible. Dream wide Open. Dare to Believe what you have Never believed before. Be emboldened. Let your fierce Heart kick ass for You this Day. Bravely fighting old Fears that wash Up. Standing with All of You ablaze. On Fire for life. Letting this Fire nourish You instead of destroying You in the repression. Trying to contain this Creative Force ready to Play. Be stoked. This is your Amazing Adventure. Live IT! Love IT! Let it Surprise You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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