Friday, September 19, 2014

Life is as Good as You let it Be.

Be Excited! Touch the Hope that lies within You. Happydance from the inside Out. Find your way into Your Brave Heart ready to Go where You have never gone before. New Day. New depths. New You. New choices. New experiences await You for Your highest Good and Greatest Joy. Shout: Bring IT on! Feel Inspired. Dare your Self to break free from patterns and beliefs that leave you feeling stale and unplugged. Stoke your inner fire remembering Today, this moment is Your Life. You expressing uniquely in the world. Understanding the Beauty of You dancing your dance; singing your song. Believing in You. Loving and appreciating who You are. Reminding your Self all day long through Self-talk how amazing You are. How Brave You are. How Good You are. Letting go of "trying" to be and simply being You. You being You ALIVE!!! participating as only You can offering your voice, your authenticity; breathing You, fresh air into the moments at Play with the world. Connected to Your Self flowing with Life enjoying the Magic of being You. Discovering the Wonders of being You. Saying THANK YOU for your life and looking for more reasons to say THANK YOU all day. Do what ya gotta do to make this Day great! You deserve it. Receive this Great day here and now. Consciously befriend Your Self tapping into the full support of the Universe that lies within You. This Force of Love you embody. Breath by breath freeing You leading You home to Your truest Self. Feel the miracle of unconditional Love and acceptance. Your relationship with You creates your relationship with All. Your inner shifts opening You to the Joy of being You creates outer shifts. Open your Self wider than what feels safe. Lean into the moments allowing them; knowing the Power that lies within You. Be fierce. Kick this days ass being You. Freeing You. Loving You. No matter what! Remembering YOU MATTER. And life as GOOD as YOU let it be. Life is as Fun as You let it be. C'mon! Let's Play! Woo woo woofrickinhoo;)).

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