Thursday, September 11, 2014

Move Mountains. Being YOU!

Remember: all ya ever gotta do is be YOU! In any moment when overwhelm swoops in, remind your Self whispering gently: "All I gotta do is be me!" Rest in this knowing. In awe of You. Appreciating who You are. You came here to Live a Life expressing You. Uniquely. Freeing your Joy. Pouring your Passion into the world. The greatest gift You give this world is You. Creating a Life aligned with the Truth of You. Your divine essence echoing this Love you are. To be human Is to be insecure. To court fear, doubt, worry. Feeling unworthy. Undeserving. Inadequate. Our fractured Self Longing for the Good attempts to find this connection In things. Plugging into the external. Our Joy in living contingent upon circumstances and conditions. This ever- shifting. Ever-fickle world. Giving our Power away. Believing we are who others say we are. Placing faith in perceptions not In Truth. This Beauty You are. Always! This Good can only be received Within. This Love You are. Fish from the Ocean of Love. The infinite well. Ever-nourishing. Grounding in a sense of Self. An inner foundation. Knowing the Universe lies within You. This river of Goodness ever-flowing. Cauterizing your wounds so Life's blood can pulse through You fully. Wholly. The invitation to Let Go! again and again all day long. Worry not what you don't want. Worry not about who you aren't. Nothing to fight. Nothing to defend. Nothing to Avoid. Let Go! Muster the Courage. Let your Brave Heart move the mountains. Recognizing You are the only mountain to move. The moment you stare down the monsters, these ever-growing illusions of the mind, they vanish. Disappear. Like magic. Poof! Be present. Claim who you are. Dare to want What you want. Tap into the Joy of wanting. Be stoked. Peeing your pants excited to be You. To live this Amazing Ride. Love your Self Up. Hold your own hand assuring your Self: "I got ya!" You are truly Unstoppable. You are a Force. Dare to show Up with All of You ready to Play. Happydance:) for the sheer Joy of It. Let your heart be Light and FIERCE beyond measure. BELIEVE this: Everything You need lies within You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is damn Good to be YOU.

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