Friday, September 5, 2014

JOY looks Good on You!

JOY looks Good on You! This energy undeniable. Connected to your Heart. Feeling the Light within You. Loving Life. Being You. Appreciating this Ride Life Is wide Open. All of it. Accepting every moment for what It is. Every Experience is Your Life. Be there. Be here. Present to You. And Your Sacred Dance. Acknowledging the disappointments. And Letting them Go! Washing Away breath by breath. Allowing Fears, doubt and Worry to come Up to the surface and be counted. Letting them Express. Giving them a voice. And letting them Go! Saying F*ck this. F*ck that. F*ck them. And finding your way to Bless this. Bless that. Bless them. No bypassing the Honest moments. Raw emotions bubbling up. Allowing. Not wallowing. Not letting the victim consciousness to hijack your Joy. Your Life. Keeping Your Eye on the Prize. Your Joy makes You Rich. Let nothing Tangle You this day cutting off the Flow of Joy. Knowing what You want. Daring to Dream. Believing Anything is Possible. Taking Charge. Ruling Your Life from the Inside Out. Grounded in Faith knowing this Love that is the Universe Alive within You. Grounded in Trust knowing You are supported every moment by the Soul Force ever-guiding, ushering You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy in every matter. No exceptions. Being Certain of this benevolent Energy, the heavens pulsing through You even in the midst of Uncertainty. Love Your Self Up all day. Every Day. Speak kindly to Your Self. Hold Your own Hand. Offering Your Self complete understanding. Unconditional Love. Stop beating Your Self Up with judgment and criticism. Put the bat down. Let GO! Invite the JOY. Happyass Dance:). Shake Off the troubles. Literally! Jump around. JUMP for JOY:). Today is Your Life. Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Do You. Be You. Love You. Live Free. Weeeeeeeee!!

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