Saturday, September 20, 2014

Go! Be the Adventurer You Are.

Go! Go! Go! Live the Adventure of this Day, this Life. Enter this New Day remembering: This is Your Life. Your Great Adventure! Step into the moments fully. Invite the Exploration. Dare to wander from your routines inviting the Wonder of You and this Day to dance You. Free your Spirit calling You into More. What's next?! The person you are Now who enters this day with Open eyes and Open Heart will Not be the one who climbs into bed at the end of the Day. You living Open will take you into new depths of You within your Self and within the World. Let Go! let Go! let Go! This Journey into "Knowing Thyself" is truly never ending as we are ever-growing, awakening energies, aspects of Our Self ready to Express for our Joy. You standing here, knowing who You are but Not locking your Self into some fixed idea that cuts off the flow, the Creative Force, the Universe Alive within You eternally dancing You into limitlessness. Hear the music within You echoing your truest Song: This Love. Feel connected to Your Self. To the whole. Let this Day reveal what has been concealed. More of You. Gloriously at Play. Delighting You. Bringing organic shifts within as your Passion pours from You. Your Love of living cannot be contained. Soul fueled. Going beyond the comforts your hurt Self constructed trying to keep you Safe. No More! Go. Because You Must. Because life is Calling You Home. Waiting for You to greet your Self with Open arms. Your fierce Heart brave beyond measure roaring as You live Present to Your Self. Engaged In the Direct experiences of this Day excited by the Adventure You came here to Live. To know. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Look at You. And there's more. Always More. What a feeling! Being Alive is. Such a stark contrast to merely sucking air, surviving, stuck in old paradigms that "life's a bitch and then you die," checked out, dragging your body around stripped of the Beauty you are and life is. Life has handed us all our asses. This human odyssey is the great leveler. We are all Hurt. And the Miracle is that we keep Going! This vibration of Hope within picks us Up again and again even when we wanna Give Up. We are creatures of Soul. So powerful. Let the gods loose this Day as You show Up with All of You. Open. Willing. Excited. Enthusiastic. Inspired. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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