Friday, August 22, 2014

Feel Your Self: Play. Sing. Dance.

Feel it. Feel Your Self. Feel your Aliveness. Feel your breath, Life pulsing through your body. Opening You. Expanding You. Clearing what must go. Energizing You. Inhaling. Exhaling. Welcoming the nourishment. Heaven flowing through You. Amazing Graces of the Universe doing what You alone cannot. Will not. Subconscious tethers holding You back. Reeling You in. No more! Stand here. In this moment. All of You. Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Invite the whole of You to show up. Big. Bigger than what feels safe. Engaged. Exploring this Day. Allowing this limitless adventure to Seize You. The truest Liberation: No longer Afraid of YOU, Your Self. Being You. All of You. Especially the You others have judged because they don't understand; because it makes them uncomfortable. Letting them say, think, believe what they will. Letting them be. No explaining You. Living beyond Reason. Following the Call. Only You can hear. Your Sacred Self awakening You. Taking you into the Surprises that await. Daring to be You. Knowing the Joy of being You. Living on your terms. Giving your Self permission to Go further than You imagined. Beyond. Flying out of the Cage door again and again. Because You must. Live Free. Freeing You. Who you are Now. There is More. Always. As long as breath is in your body, you are ever-blossoming. For your Joy. Dancing. Playing. Discovering. It ain't over til it's over! The final letting Go will come. But here You are. Declare your Hearts desires for this Day and taste the sweetness. Moment by moment. Let your playful soul dance to the song in your Heart. Celebrating You. Me. All. Counting Blessings all damn day. Seeing EVERYTHING is a Blessing. Start with You. Receive this Love You are. Part the seas. Move the mountains. Being You. Woo woo Woofrickinhoo!!

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