Monday, August 25, 2014

Some Kind of Amazing Life You are Riding!

Connect to All of You. Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. Free Your Self. All that grips You. Experience your wholeness. This Big Life. Here. Now. Unable to contain You. Me. All. Ever-growing. Unfolding. Flowing. Breath by Breath. Whispering: "Don't Wait! Life is Now. And Some day may never come." Let your Spirit Dance You. At play. Out of the Cage. Into More. Again and Again. New Depths. Exploring. You. All that is bubbling Up. Enlivened by All you are feeling. No longer Afraid of Your Self. Trusting even the Anxiety. The moments of Terror. The worry. The doubt. Are just a part of being Alive. Anticipating. New Life. Birthing. Old life cycling out. An adventure breaking through You. Be with it All. This moment. Excited by what awaits. The arrival of More. You. Life. The Joy tasted in the wanting. Being. Living. No longer judging your Self. Ashamed by what you are feeling. You are Alive in the direct experience. Life shifting. You. Me. All. This Big Life. Some kind of Amazing Life you are Riding! Badass. You are the Adventure. And the Adventurer. The Dream. And the Dreamer. Heart fueled. Courage springing. Your Bravery roaring. Opening. Not allowing you to settle. To play small. To die. Before You have Lived. Fully. Expressing You. Life yet to be. So Big. The Joy of being You. The heavens assisting You. Applauding You. Yes!!! You. Awesome You. Too much for some. Not enough for others. Stand in a Sense of Self. Receive this Love from the well within. Empowered. Dare to let go! And just be You. Big. Bold. Badass. You. Woo woo Woofrickinhoo:))

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