Thursday, August 28, 2014

Remember: You are Loved.

Just Remember. YOU are Special. You being You is always enough. You are the greatest gift You give. You are the Offering. You are the Amazing Grace of the heavens embodied journey here on earth. YOU are Loved. You are loved beyond measure. The significance of You and your life cannot be calculated. Feel this. Let your Heart speak to You. Echoing the Awe and Wonder of You. The Vibrational dance of You. This Love You are at Play with All of Creation. Doing You. Being You. Awaken. Stand in the moments fueled by this Love. Centered. The inner foundation: Faith. Trust. Certainty. This Love parting the seas and clearing obstacles the mind creates. Hell breaking loose as the cage of your Mind is opened into the heavens within You. Me. All. One Love. Dancing Free in the limitlessness. You are. This Love. Infinite potential hatching. Possibilities springing from the depths of You. Ready to materialize. Create the Life you Love. So Fun to be You. Aligned. At Rest. Knowing: this is the Life You came here to live. And wouldn't have it any other way. The challenges. The triumphs. All Perfect. All part of unfolding You. Appreciate Your Self. There is no one in all of this world like You. There will never be another You. Appreciating who you are. You can appreciate others. Even those you don't like or enjoy or choose to spend time with. Appreciation says: I see You. Just like me. You are making your way doing the best you can with what you Know. Ever-growing. Evolving. Remember: your Heart, this energy of Appreciation serves You. Me. All. Your judgment serves no one. Choose to Appreciate everything. And watch your Life blossom mystically. Magically from the inside Out. Clutch your heart all damn day saying THANK YOU! Feel this transforming power pulsing through You. Pausing. Stopping. Remembering. You matter. Everyone Matters. Love your Self Up! So you can Love others Up. Love Big. Live this Love. Wide Open. Flowing. Riding the Magic carpet life is. Moment by moment. Damn Good to be You. Happydance:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Do You. Be You. Love You.

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