Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Courage to Be You!

Today. Muster the Courage to be You. Connect to your Heart. Let it remind You of the gift you are. The gift of this Life. All that lies within you ready to express Now. Because it is Time. There are Seasons. Life cycles. Organic shifts. Happening. Within you. Manifesting in the outer world. You are Not meant to stay the same. Invite the More calling You. You are ever-growing. Ever-blossoming. Ever-awakening to the Sacred longings you came into this world with. Be with your Self. Allow your own Voice to call you Home. Opening. Flowing. Unafraid of You. And The life you came here to Live. You are here to Speak to the World being You. Singing Your Song. This Love. You are. The Universe within You. Expressing you. Not some idea of You. Not some version of You. Let go of the constructed Self. Let go! Stop reeling your Self in. Let go! And live with a sense of "This is who I am." Inviting more of You. Recognizing: You cannot manufacture anything as Great as Being You. You are the greatest gift you give the World. Grounded in a Sense of Your Self. Step into the moments. Deliberately. On Purpose. As you are. With All of You at Play. Feel the Ease of being You. Simply You. The Aliveness. Being You. Living from Your Center. Moving through the world fortified by Faith, Trust, Certainty in all that You are. Limitless. Infinity dancing through Time and Space. Amazing. A Unique expression of the heavens here on earth. Being You. Seeing this is enough. Believing in You. Knowing you are the Offering. Always. You. Daring to set the world on Fire with You. All of You. Ablaze. Freeing the Passion. Woo woo Woofrickinhoo! It is damn Good to be You.

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