Friday, August 15, 2014

Let JOY Sing You Home.

Let this abiding JOY sing You Home. Again and again. This Day. All your Days. Here. Now. Stepping into life. Arms stretched. Testing these new Wings. Emerging. Growing. Opening. Awakening. Taking you on a Joy ride. Living this Dream wide awake. Knowing: There will never be another day just like this One. Enjoy It. Soak it Up. Enjoy being You. Welcome more of You Home. Joy known. In the midst of hell. Alive in the fire. Surely, this is heaven. On earth. Experienced in moments. Sacred moments. Holy You. Dancing free. Connected to the Spirit riding the waves of grace that never cease. Let go. Jump. Into the Now. Be here. Let go of surviving the day. Let go of enduring life. Relax into your Self. Into life. Trusting. Everything has led you here. Where you are. Revealing you. Keep spinning the lead into gold mining for the treasures in each experience. Just breathe. Present to your Self in the direct experiences. Tasting it all. Discovering. Oh, this is the bitter. Oh, this is the sweet. Allowing life. Feeling the Joy within. Pulsing through you. Ever-springing. Let it be. Live the bullshit that swallows you. Threatens to take you out. And let it graciously spit you out on the other side of the rainbow. Made anew. Stripping away what you cannot take with you. What is keeping you from living the Joy. Being you. Living this adventure. Passionately. Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. Fear not. Remember: you and the heavens designed this Life perfectly. Stand in this Truth. Be still. Feel your Heart echo: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!! It is damn good to be You even in the suckiest moments. It is all Amazing grace!

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