Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time to Play!

Time to Play! A new Day. Happy Dancin all damn day! You dancing in this world being You. Doing You. The ease of this. Simply being You. Ain't no time for being anyone but You. Allowing your Self to be who you are. Allowing others to be who they are. Freedom! Be The truest friend to You. To all. Not needing others to be other than they are. Let Go of expectations. For your own sake. For your own Joy. Understanding people are who they are just as you are who you are. Letting your Self be. Letting them be. Laughing out loud when you expect or need others to be who they truly are not. Some fixed idea. Laughing out loud when others want you to be other than you are. Untangle from this! Feel the Joy. Emboldened. Standing in the moments of Your Life this Day. Present. As You. Sensing all that you are. Trusting your Self. Everything serves. Everything is perfect. Assess your beliefs. Observe your Self in relationships. Notice when you agree to things you don't wanna do. Notice when you do things because it is Fun and fills you with excitement. Energy does not lie. Tuned in. You cannot go along to get along. The soul is here to experience Joy. Awaken to this playfulness. Be guided by the depths of You. Choose You. Let go of shoulds. All that guilt! Do the walk of no Shame. Being You. Simply. Empowered. Claiming your Life. Choice by choice. Deliberate. Intentional. Grounded. In what you want and do not want. What you want Matters! Give your Self permission to disappoint others as to Not disappoint your Self. Perpetually obligated. Operating from shame and guilt strips the Joy of living. Let go! Let go! Go within. What do you want for this Day? For your life? Do that. Be that. Do. Be. Do. Be. Create a life you absolutely LOVE that fills you with the attitude of gratitude singing from the depths of You: woo woo Woofrickinhoo!!!

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