Monday, August 11, 2014

Invite Your Soul to PLAY You!

Step into this Day at Play. Connected to a sense of Your Self. The significance of you. Your life. This day. Feel Open. Flowing with life breath by magic breath. Be at Rest Not knowing what the day will bring but Trusting it will be damn good. Take your Self by the hand saying "I got ya Friend!" Feel the music from within you awakening, echoing through the whole of YOU gloriously; and dance with all that comes your way. Alive in the moments springing, gifting, offering you wisdom from experiencing Life. All of it. Dare to be present to your Self allowing life to wash through you. Cutting nothing out. Be engaged. Uncensored. Raw. You. Untamable Life. The truest Play comes from your soul Expressing LOVE, PEACE, JOY. The soul dances Free in the Beauty of it All. The Beauty that IS ever-present. Unwavering magnificence! Invite your Playful soul to do what it does. Let go! Again and again. Let nothing steal your LOVE, PEACE, JOY. Let the Beauty pour through the honesty of the moments. This Beauty is You. Me. All. Awakened to the Truth. Letting go of the bullshit. Ain't no time for pretending. There is Life is live. Each moment is Sacred. Welcome IT. Listening to the Heart sing its truest song: LOVE! Happyass dance as you sit still and as you move through the day. Wave your hands in the air cheering your Self on: woo woo Woofuckinhoo!

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