Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Life is Rich!

You are made rich in the living of your life. This is your life. Your sacred dance. Claim the richness that lies within you appreciating ALL that makes you who you are. Who you are is so Great! What's not to Love about you?! Really. And your Joy in being You, doing what you do, spending time with people who inspire you, free more of YOU, welcome you, make you stand taller is essential. Focus on all there is to LOVE about you. Focus on all there is to LOVE about being you. Focus on the things you GET to enjoy in this life. Focus on the people you GET to play with that SEE you, that stretch you, that want to know you and applaud your victories celebrating YOU whole-heartedly. Connect to the Richness of You. Connect to the Richness in All. Live. Come alive being YOU. And invite others to join you coming alive being who they are, freeing their Joy, living the Passion. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Your Joy cannot be contained. The Truth of your Heart echoes into the World lifting All with the Love of the Universe. Ohhh...the material riches alone will never give you what knowing the richness of your Spirit will. Love pouring from the depths of You is your Spirit materializing; animating you and creating a life that makes your Happyass Dance. Living the Dream life is awake. LOVE BIG. LOVE parts the seas and moves the mountains. LOVE is the greatest treasure. Love is The Gold within YOU that you carry into your days that makes you sing: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!!!!!!

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