Thursday, August 14, 2014

Do not dismiss You.

Believe with All of You in the sacred desires that pull you. Stretch you. Open you. Awaken you. Won't let you rest. Scare you. Fearing: How will I ever Pull these dreams down from the heavens? Let go. Release the fear. Your Fears of you. And the Fear You have Seen in the eyes of others who cannot possibly know. You. The blueprints leading you into the More you crave. You. Unfolding. Acknowledge the Fear of You. The projected Fear around You. Your ambitious Soul. Here. Dancing wildly. Hold your Self dear with the Compassion of the Universe. Be patient. Loving. Kind. Do not dismiss You. Love your Self. Upside down. Sideways. Stepping into What's Next?! Moving in blind Faith. Connected to this Love you are. The essence of you. Divine. Soul force. Strength beyond measure. The truest power. Life graciously swallows you whole and spits you out. Anew. Necessary. Death and Rebirth. Remembering: You are so Brave. Your courageous Heart has secret passages ever-opening. More. Revealed. Delight. Anticipating. Holding your breath. Anxious. Excited. You blossoming. The Joy of You. Knowing You. Exquisite. Your Roar echoing this Fierce sense of Self. This Love. You. You: The Dreamer. You: The Dream. Merging. Poetically. Flowing. Aligned. Free. Vitality springing from the Connection. You. Plugged in to the Universe within. Without. In this world. Not of this world. Everything. So Alive. Present to what comes. Bowing. In Awe. Welcoming Life. Always Sacred. Moments of crazy. Forgetting you are eternal. A flame that cannot be extinguished. Moments of grace. Remembering. Yes. Nothing can stop You. Not even death. So Live. Here. Now. Lean into the sword. See All you are. Step into your wholeness. Free-falling. Feeling with all of You: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!!! Life is a helluva an adventure. All of me. All of it. At Play.

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