Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dance with the Wisdom within You.

Stand here. Breathe. Feel your breath rush through You. Nourishing You. Awakening You. Occupy your Body. Experiencing wholeness. A sense of integration: Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. All of You. Dancing with Infinity. At play with Life. Joyfully Alive. Your Body houses the Wisdom of the Universe. Listen to it. Let it guide you. Into your highest Good and Greatest Joy. Know Thyself. Walk deliberately into Life. With Life. You an expression of the heavens here on earth. Engage. Feel the Universe within You. Within All. One. This force. Animating You. All. Perfect. Always Perfect. Trusting. As never before. It is Time to Go. Where you are being called. Into more of You. Stirring You. Shaking Life up. Calling you Home. Opportunities to Explore. Your Strength. Your Courage. Your Power. Tune in. Plug into this Wisdom. Always there. Here. The Universe ever-present. Longing to Free You. Return you to the Joy in living. In being You. Not to punish You. Not to Scold or shame you. Or hold you back. No! This is human BS. Beliefs you have inherited. Let go. Lean into the moments. The direct experiences. Showing you. You. All that you are. More. Always more. Magnificent You. Believe in the Force of Life you are. Connect to this Love within you. The limitless well. Soul fueled. Follow your Bliss. Come Alive. More than what feels safe or comfortable. Be guided by your Joy in wanting experiences. Live your way to the Dream. Experiencing this Love you are. Let the Amazing Grace do what it does. Take its hand. Jump. Against and again. You are so badass. Yes. You are. Woo woo Woofrickinhoo!!!

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