Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Do You. Be You. Love You.

This Day Follow the Signs. Welcome the wonders. Be in Awe. Life Affirming You. Reminding You of the significance of You. Good omens reminding You who You are. All that You are. Urging you to stay the course. Believe in Your Self! Know You matter. Lifting You beyond your limited perspective that gets tangled up in knots. Feeling stuck in a rut. Worried how you will ever get where you wanna go. How you will ever pull down all the dreams that lie in your Heart. Waves of overwhelm knocking you around. Stealing the Joy of being You. Forgetting it is Fun to be You. To live this life. To experience this one-of-a-kind adventure You are riding. Being You. Understanding You gotta be You. You gotta live a life that fits You. You owe no one. This life belongs to You. Find your way to Thank You! The well of gratitude bubbling Up. Saying Thank You all day for the Amazing Life you are riding. Grateful for the badass adventurers you get to Play with who Inspire You. Spontaneous conversations. Your free spirit dancing with theirs. The Spirit is ageless. In the Play of Life, the surprises Rise. The Creative forces part the seas and move the mountains. No longer confined by limited ideas, thinking and beliefs. Souls at Play. In the moment. Coming Alive together. Shaking You Up. Liberating You. Letting Go. Letting the heavens dance You into the Beauty you are. Do what You must! Pull your energy into present time. Whisper sweetly to Your Self. Assuring words. Stoking that inner fire. Standing in your Higher Self, the truest foundation, touching this force of Love, the universe within You. Remembering: this Love. This Love. This Love I am. In moments of Awe. In moments of overwhelm. This Love holds me. Nourishes me. Releases the tension, worry, fear, judgment. Love is the answer. Love is the healer. Love is the miracle. Love is the essence of You. Me. All. Fish from this Ocean within all day. Watch your outer world mirror this Love. Let go. Let LOVE do what it does. Happy dance this Day. Fueled by Love. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! Do you. Be you. Love You.

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