Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This Inner Rhythm Dances You.

Connect to the rhythm of Life. Breath by magic Breath. Return to this natural state of grace. Echoing from your very Heart. Dancing You. Me. All. Poetically. Perfectly. Magnificently. Into each moment. Life. Ever-flowing. Trust Life. Stand in Faith. Remembering this Love You are. The essence of All Creation. The Power of the Universe within You. This Soul Force animating You. Guiding You into What's Next?! This day. Each moment. Be there. Be Danced. Freeing more of You. Passion fueled. Untangling from old patterns and beliefs and attitudes that drain your precious life. Dare the heavens to Show off through You. Shouting: "Bring It ON! Let's Play." Consciously engage with the Infinite. Always there. Do not go to sleep at the wheel of your life. All of You wide Open: body. Mind. Heart. Soul. Occupy your Self. Wholly. Deliberately. Grounded in a deep Sense of your Self. Your Life. What You want. The possibilities. Catching dreams. Pulling them down. Wow moments. Be in Awe of Life. This Sacred Dance. Ripening You exquisitely. Amazing grace blowing through You. Me. All. Let Go. Jump. Into the unknown. Knowing it is gonna be Great. Your courageous Heart. Limitless. Fierce. Enlivening You. You are so Brave! Be Bold. Feel emboldened. You are the Miracle-maker aligned with this Love. You are. Receive this Love. Again and again. All day long. Life is Magic when you believe in the Magic of You. Woo woo Woofrickinhoo!!!

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