Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Grab the GOOD And Ride IT!

Enter this day shouting "Hell Yeahhhh!" From the depths of You. Let your passion, your love of living echo from You into the whole. You have it All. You have Life. Free your Self from thoughts and beliefs of lack, of not enoughness. Let go of anything that strips the Beauty if YOU dancing with this Day, this moment. You are Free. You are Brave. You are Magic. You are the Love of This Universe embodied. You are Rich. Receive this abundance that is YOU; that is your life. Receive the fire within your heart, this Creative force that is the heavens pouring through you. Go Boldly. Open your fierce heart and live the Surprise. Shock your Self. Be in the moments and allow the spontaneity. Your playful Soul knows you were born to fly FREE. Where you will Go?! Who knows. But GO! You must. Holding back is painful. Blocking the flow of Life expressing through YOU as you is exhausting. Repressed energy will implode. Let Go! Fly out of the cage door created by the mind spinning old crap that makes you feel less than, unworthy, undeserving, afraid to use the Wings of Glory that long to take you into More. More Life. More Joy. More Love. More Peace. There is More. There is always More! Live OPEN. Remember, this Love you are, the Infinite Alive within you, animating YOU. Here. Now. Breathe in. Touch the Magic. Ignite the Fire. Step into the Life you are here to experience. Live this Dream life IS awake. Happyass dance, dwelling int the possibilities. Get Pumped! Celebrate your courageous Heart singing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! Life is damn GOOD even in the suckiest moments. Grab the GOOD and ride IT all day, every day. Live the Magic. LOVE this day with ALL of You!

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