Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Live Simply. Simply Living.

Live Simply. Simply Living. Being You. Exploring life. Opening. Blossoming. Inviting the Joy. Letting go of ideas and beliefs that cage you. Freeing your Self again and again. Touching this Aliveness within You. Expressing who you are in the moments connected to your Self. Connected to All. Declaring what You want. Giving yourself permission to want the life You want. Declaring. Believing. Never settling. Knowing this day is Yours. Here. For the Joy of Living it. Tasting it. The Ordinary made Extraordinary by Your Presence. This Life is Yours to celebrate as only you can. Being you. Doing You. Stand in your Life fully. Move deliberately from your Center. Trusting your Self. Listening to your soul guiding you into your highest good and greatest Joy. Feeling the Perfection in EVERYTHING. Living Simply. Simply Living. Daring to show Up for the moments unfolding You. Life. All. Remembering: You can't possibly Fu#% this Life up. No way. No how. This Life belongs to You. Live it. Experience it. With All of You at Play. Alive! When you feel fu#%ed Up, be present to the feelings washing through. The dread. The overwhelm. Let it be. No judgment. Feel to heal. Let go. Free your Self with the Love. Compassion. Understanding of the heavens. Breathe. Drop into the moment. Laugh at the absurdity. Laugh at the false beliefs that there is a right way and wrong way to be You. To live Your life. Let the laughter lighten You. Free you. Lifting You beyond the bullshit hijacking your happy heart that came here to Dance with infinity. To love each day. And live it all. Smiling with all of You. Delighting: Some Amazing Life this Ride Is! Happyass dancin because it feels damn good. And it is the Simple things that awaken the Joy. Saying THANK YOU! All day long.Welcoming the Surprises. Shouting: woo woo Woofrickinhoo!!!

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