Monday, August 4, 2014

Bring ON The Wow!

YOU make life Beautiful. Give the Beauty you are to the world. This day, Dance to the WOW! Echoing from your Heart. Wow moments ever-flowing opening YOU; blossoming you, revealing you, surprising you. AWEsome! Be present. This is Your life! Here and now. Do not delay your Joy. Do not withhold your Love of living waiting on "someday", some idea of how life should be. Stop! Drop into your Heart. Invite the Wow. Sip it IN breath by magic breath. Feel the Wow Alive within freeing You to dance with the Infinite. Ordinary moments become extraordinary! You shifting your attitude. Live this Dream life is Awake! Life becomes a series of Wow moments. EVERYTHING becomes a Miracle as You claim the Miracle of You. You embody the heavens. Remember! YOU create the Beauty mirroring the Truth of you, the essence of you and All. Receive from the well within you so you can shower the world with the Treasure you are. How much Beauty will you Give the world this day? See how many WOW moments you can experience this day. Expect them. Count them. Let the Awe and wonder nourish you and liberate your Spirit. BELIEVE in the Magic. BELIEVE anything is possible. BELIEVE in the Beauty of your Life. Jump around. Happyass dancin! Twist and Shout: woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is damn good to be YOU and being ALIVE this day is cause enough to say: WOW!

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