Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Power of THANK YOU!

Stand in the moments of this Day with All of You. Engaged in a sense of Your Self. Breathe into your Heart Center and Feel grateful for Your Life. Say THANK YOU! Over and over as you go about your rituals and routines. Gratitude is an Amazing force. Immediately Opening You. Connecting You to a Higher sense of Self. Touching the Sacred Heart of the Universe within Your Heart. Feeling light. Residues of Yesterday letting go as You find your way to THANK YOU. Focusing on the Good. Counting Blessings. Each Breath. Absolutely Magic. Opening You. Freeing You. Reminding You. This is Your Life. Holy beyond measure. No matter what is challenging You. Be grateful. Acknowledge the fears, worries, doubts AND say THANK YOU! Expecting the Good to be revealed. Even in the midst of storms, you can open Your sails inviting the Graces of the Universe to guide You through. To extract the wisdom. To show You a Higher Perspective. Bless the Day all day long. Bless your Life all day long. And You will experience the undeniable energy shift that is absolutely divine. Euphoric. Lovely. Beautiful. You are the Abundance of life. You are the Blessing. You are the answered Prayer. You possess the Love of the Universe within your Being. Call on it. Use it. Be empowered. Emboldened. More ALIVE. Believing anything is Possible! Believing with All of You. You are worthy and deserving of ALL the good in this Life. Receive this Love from the well within You. And kick this days ass being You. Living. Loving it All. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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