Friday, August 29, 2014

Live the Adventure You Are.

Life is a Living Adventure. You uniquely expressing life. Following Your Joy. Letting Your Heart guide you moment by moment. Choice by choice. Day by day. So wondrous. The unfolding of You. Life. Letting Go. Not trying to figure it Out. Daring to Live. To show Up. To be Surprised. To live Open. To dance in the unknown Trusting your ever-guiding soul to lead you Home to more of Your Self. To a sense of Rest within your Self. At Play with infinity. Sacred longings bubbling Up. Emboldened. You do what you have never done. Acting on Instincts. Urges tugging at You. No more dismissing the Wisdom of the Universe that lies Within You. Placing you in the Fire. Moments where you test your New Wings. Coming to See. You can Fly. Flying in ways you never imagined you could. Here you are. Shocking the hell outa your Self. Soul fueled. Powered by the Love of the Universe. Courage beyond measure. Your kryptonite. Heart ablaze. Untamable. Unstoppable. You. Fierce. Steadfast. Deliberate. Alive as never before. This Day. This Moment. Awakening. Shedding the crap. Asking the Creator to clip away beliefs, attitudes, actions, patterns that must Go. So you can Go where you have never Gone. Into your Self. Into the World. Knowing You Matter. Knowing the Significance of your Dreams. Knowing you are here to Free the Passion. To live for the Love of Living. Tasting the Joy. The Sweetness. Even in the midst of personal hells. So divine. Ecstasy. Experiencing heaven. Life unconditional. Carrying an abiding THANK YOU in your Heart. Living from the Inside Out. Happy Dancin because it feels Good to FEEL Good. And it is damn Good to Be You. Do You. Love You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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