Sunday, August 17, 2014

It is All so Good!

Enter this day connected to the Goodness of Life flowing through You. Echoing through your every breath. Your presence. Your actions. Your choices. Your thoughts. Express this Goodness, the essence of You. All that lies in your Heart. Let it be. Your life speaks of this Love. Grateful for the dance. Dancing with what comes Trusting it is all Good. Watching the day come moment by moment. Saying THANK YOU. Welcoming the Surprises. Knowing EVERYTHING is perfect. You unfolding. Life blossoming. This Magic dance. Mystical. Magnificent. Poetic. Lovely. Last night, I laid under the same skies where just the night before the blanket of Stars had taken me on a wondrous journey into You. Me. All. The Stars were covered by clouds. I sat with what was. Not minding. Letting go of expectations. Allowing. What was to be. Being present. The adventure equally as stirring. One lonely Star popped through to greet me reminding me the Stars are always there even when they aren't visible. It winked and nodded. Acknowledging me. And faded into the clouds. This Miraculous way of being with Life. You. Me. All. Is liberation. Not attached. Riding the waves of amazing grace, experiencing the goodness that always Is. The Beauty. The Abundance. This Love. Life. Known. Tasted. Savored. You live the dream Awake. Seeing. Participating. Inviting. Living it All. All You are. Engaged. Feeling the possibilities. Celebrating. Delighting. Alive! So Alive. Here. Now. Cheering: Woo woo Woofrickinhoo! For no reason in particular and for a million reasons. Awesome!

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