Monday, August 18, 2014

Live Deliberately!

Go Deliberately into this day. Moment by moment. With All of You. Journeying on your Great adventure. This good life. Here. Now. Welcome it. Taste it. Feel it. Stand whole. Engaged. Connected. Do not discard your Self. Hold your longings, your desires Sacred. Trust life as it is your Partner. Your divine essence. The Source of All. Ever-guiding You Home. To your Self. All of You. No longer living dissected. Bleeding energy. Your precious life Force. Empowered. Knowing Your Self. No cutting pieces of your Self Off. To please. To be who others need, want or expect you to be. Be You. Willing to disappoint others but not your Self. Knowing: this is Your Life. This day is here for You. Free the Joy. In being. You. Go ahead. Allow others to be offended by you just being You. Not as an act of Rebellion. Simply. Because you must Be. You. A life censored. Trying to Be. A version of You. Not enough for some. Too much for others. Stop the Madness. Be You. Deliberately. Playing the roles leaves life stale. Cuts you off from the flow of Life. The juice of life unplugged. You become a dead man walking. Filled with dread. Enduring. Surviving the days. No more! Let go. Let each Breath fill You with your Bigness. Occupy your Body fully. Standing on the earth. Pulling the heavens down. Birthing dreams. For your Joy. This Love experienced. Sweet Life tasted. Known. You. Me. All. Complete within your Self. Step into the world. Participating. Not swept away. Unshakable. Moving deliberately. Faith embodied. The core of You. Springing. Vitality. On fire. Alive. Yes!!! This is You. All of You. Plugged In. Expressing Your Life. Woo woo Woofrickinhoo! It is damn Good to be You. I love You. Love You. Love this day with all of You.

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