Friday, August 8, 2014

ALL The Good!

Enter this day, consciously receiving the Blessings washing through you breath by breath. Stand tall with a sense of anticipation of ALL the Good to come. Feel the strength of You: mind, body, heart and soul. Invite the Blessings to Open you wider and wider. Open your Heart to the Joy and Love that flows without ceasing. Let go of yesterday, consciously releasing any residue of worry, doubt and fear. Pause and reset letting go again and again. To be human is to court Fear so you must tap into your fierce heart, this Ocean of Love within and let IT do what you alone cannot. The mind will always cage you attempting to keep you Safe, guarding you against life, over-thinking, creating stress, living from your wounded Self. The Heart knows YOU ARE BRAVE! You have depths of Courage yet to be explored. Go there! Go into your Heart and feel the Power of the Universe usher you into the More you long for, the Freedom you crave, the Life that makes you Happy for no reason and a million reasons. Listen with your Heart. Dare. Trust. Believe! The hardest part is Believing what only you know. Take yourself by the hand this day, loving yourself UP through the challenges that come and watch the seas part. You deserve a Life you LOVE! Say THANK YOU! These words bring the Miracles. Gratitude carries the Soul force of the Universe into all moments. Appreciating all the moments, you are Trusting Life and Trusting your Self. All experiences are there to lead you Home to your truest Self and truest Life. Love each day, each moment and LIVE it all! Happyass dance with hands in the air shouting: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!!!

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