Sunday, August 3, 2014

Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

Ask your Self: What do I want and need? Be the care giver to your Self. The care you offer your Self will pour into the Heart of the World. Live FREE! This day. Let Love liberate You from the wounds. Open your heart to your Self honoring your own challenges, heart breaks and struggles. Be present to YOU. Do not dismiss your Self. Love your Self UP! Hold your own hand. Say: I got ya! Assuring your Self that regardless of what life brings, YOU will do whatever you must to take care of YOU. Bless those who have let you down who have caused you harm and vow to care for your Self. Bless your Self seeing that you too have harmed others whether it was intentional or unintentional. Let go! Let LOVE do what only it can do. Feel the Amazing Grace pour through you. And send this LOVE out from your heart into the heart of ALL. Honoring You, you honor all. Celebrating You, you celebrate ALL. Holding your own hand, you hold the world. Nourish your Soul; return to this Love that heals, that cauterizes the wounds so life's blood can flow FREELY and lead you into the Miracle YOU are and life IS. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. Choice by choice. Love this day with all of YOU. Live! Come ALIVE present to the Dance. FEEL your cup runneth over counting the Blessings. GO kick some asssss being YOU. Loving LIFE. Grab your own hand and HAPPYass Dance:) hearing the song in your HEART echoing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! I LOVE YOU. You are LOVED. You are worthy of LOVE. You deserve nothin but LOVE. One more time. Shout: woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Because it is fun and feels damn GOOD.

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