Saturday, August 2, 2014

HAPPY You. Happy Day. Happy Life.

Sip this IN: All moments are sacred. You are sacred. Holy. You are holy. Your very breath pouring the heavens into the earth. Stop chopping your life up into negative and positive and be present to the experiences, lean into all of them; love life for a million reasons and for no reason at all. For one day, the music will stop. Your Spirit will leave your body. And you will see the Beauty of it all even that which you cursed. Ask your soul to reveal the higher perspective so you can be transformed by the moments you are living instead of surviving the days. Disappointed. Wanting things to be other than they are. Avoiding life that only wants to lead you into your highest good and greatest joy. Invite this higher wisdom to shine through this day, every moment. Go ahead and curse it! And give thanks for it. Trusting the perfection of life ever-flowing, unfolding you, me, all of Creation. Trust this: A lifetime of Happiness lies ahead of you! Expect happiness. Explore happiness. Let go of the conditions you place on what makes life HAPPY and what doesn't. Let your heart be light! Find your way within to your HAPPY. And carry your HAPPY into the day knowing the richest life comes from living the abundance, receiving the Joy from within and freeing it all damn day being YOU. Doing YOU. Loving YOU. Loving Life. As it is! In the sucky moments and in the moments where you feel HAPPYgasms pulsing through you. Connected. Touching your Spirit ever-free and dancing. Happyass dancin because this is YOUR life. And being Alive this day is cause for Celebration. Let's get this party started. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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