Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Be Still within You. Roaring!

This Day. As you step into the noisy world, be still within You. Connect to the quiet. Listen. Your Heart. Fierce, gentle, fiery, riding the waves of this wondrous life Joyfully engaged in the whole of the dance ever-changing rhythms. Flowing with Life. Allowing. Steady. No matter. Unshakable. Undeterred by the uphill. Knowing everything is a necessary part of this adventure. Unfolding You. The Day. Life. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. Be here. Again and again. Present to You. Present to All. Take yourself by the Hand. Be the truest Friend. Compassionate. Understanding. Amused. Encouraging. Finding your way to laughter. Letting the tears heat your face. Burn through. Trusting the raw honest moments. No censoring. Lean into the sword. Again and again. Enlivened by moments. Life. Experienced. Known. You are so Brave. This heart Roaring. The fire of the heavens Alive. You. Me. All. Lit by Life. Opening wider and wider. Deliciously stretched beyond. Freeing the Fire. Passion met at new depths. This Love. You are. Pouring into this Day. Badass. Magic. A Force. One with the One. Unstoppable. Unquenchable. Always More. How could you have ever known? No way to Know. Life revealed. You ever-blossoming. Ever-fed. What you need. Here. Now. Trust you. Stand. Tall. Not knowing. Knowing it is going to be Great. Your Spirit echoing: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo! As the waves carry you to new shores that await.

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