Saturday, August 16, 2014

Meet the heavens Within You.

Laying under a blanket of Stars, I saw You. Me. All. Dancing. Alive! The Stars echoed Truth. Beauty. Mirroring You. Me. All. Flooding through this message: This is who You are. You walk through this world aglow. All that you see in me is Alive within You. Sip this in. Receiving You. The Truth of You. Beyond the limited story. The roles you Play in space and time. You are Magic. Welcome the Magic you are. Pause to know your Self the way you stand in awe of the Stars. Your relationship to your Self creates your relationship with the whole. All of your life mirrors your Sense of Self. Your connection to You. Let go of the smallness that cages you. Claim your worth. Remember: You are the Stars embodied. Let go! And feel your truest Self launch You into a life reflecting this Love you are. Invite the moment. Fear not. Go to the depths of You. Be here. Connect to your Brave Heart. Let it do what you alone cannot. Amazing Grace lifting veils. Was blind but Now, You see. You. All of You. Dancing Free in the Beauty You are. The moment I stopped Fearing my Self. I met the heavens within me. Roaring. Wild. So Alive. Courage springing. Life pouring through me. You. All. Passion Ignited. Ever-connected. One with The One. This Love I am. This Love you are. This Love of the Universe Awakened. Sweet life known. Always Sweet even in the midst of the Bitter. Ohhh. Yes!!! This Life. You. Me. All. Reason enough to shout: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!!! from the depths of You. Your Joy saying: Welcome Home! This is Your Life.

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