Saturday, August 23, 2014

Be It. Being It. Magic!

Today. As you climb out of bed. As you feel you feet on the floor. Enter this new day Open. Breathe. Connect to your Self: mind. body. heart. soul. Feel all of You. Alive. Engaged. Fully aware that You Matter. Shower your Self with Love. Understanding the Love you give Your Self. This Love you receive from the well within You feeds You and sustains you through the storms, the challenges, the chaos that is a part of life. Living with a sense of this Love is Fierce. Being the truest friend to your Self. You become the truest friend to all. The world. Your Heart serves. Your judgment does not. Let go. Let this Love companion You. Moment by moment. Honor your needs and wants as you do others. Stop overriding, dismissing your needs and wants. They are Sacred. They are leading You into your highest Good. Your Joy in being You. Living. Sailing your Vessel through this day. This Lifetime. Care for Your Self allows you to care for others. This Love is Essential nourishment. Acknowledge what comes crashing through. All the overwhelming experiences. And find your way to the Awe. In being You. Experiencing this Adventure. All of It. Here. Now. Believe in Your Self. Trust your Self. Touch The Power that lies within you. Let it part the seas and return you to this Love that brings the Joy pouring through no matter how rough the waters. You. Your relationship with You is EVERYTHING. It changes your relationship with the whole. Fed by understanding and compassion, you will bring in friends of similar energy. Not wanting to control You or change You. They See You. They are not afraid of You. They are not threatened by You being You. They Love you. They celebrate You. They say: Let's Play. Let's enjoy life together. Let's Inspire each other to Live this Dream life is wide awake. Wide Open to the Possibilities. And all of sudden, life is Magic. Knowing the Magic You are. Riding the Magic carpet with those who Dare to Love who they are and Love this Life with all of them. Be it! Bring it! Woo woo Woofrickinhoo!

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