Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Miracle of You Expressed through How You LIVE!

LOVE is the Miracle of Life Expressed in How You Live! This Life so Rich with YOU. Abundance is You Receiving your Truest Self. You connected to the Sacred Self sensing the Universe at Play through You. This Cosmic Force pulsing through You Breath by Breath. Awakening You to the Truth and Beauty of Being You. Reminding You that the Greatest Gift You can possibly give this World is YOU. Daring to Show Up and Let Life reveal the Miracle You Are. No Matter how lost You Feel, Amazing Grace ever-assisting You will Return You Home. In a Moment. Opening Your Heart to You. The human dance is Forgetting and Remembering who we Truly are and what we are Made of. Inviting Life to Show You the Miracle of You and Life all Day creates the Intention to Live from the Power within. Your Sense of Limitlessness that Springs from the Well within. You plugged In, Asking to be Guided to what You need and want. Asking to See where You limit Your Self with Beliefs You have adopted that keep You locked away. Daring to Ask for help from the assisting Forces of the Universe AND from others in the physical world. Noticing when Fear keeps You from Asking. Being Self-aware. Observing Your Self with deep Understanding and Compassion, making it Safe for the Truth to Rise in the Moments. Do You Live as If YOU are a Miracle? Do You actually BELIEVE with All of You that You are worthy and deserving of receiving the Miracles waiting for YOU? These questions are Alive not to be answered from your head that says: YES! Of course. But to be LIVED. This inquiry lighting the way. Showing you Limiting Beliefs that keep the Miracles at bay. The liberation of You comes in the Moments when You SEE what You absolutely couldn't before. Amazing Grace was Blind but Now, I See. Your willingness to Live Open and See the Bullshit that is governing Your Choices and containing your Life will Show You how you subconsciously Block the Miracles. Reframing your Bullshit shifts Everything! Listening to Your Self. Hearing your Beliefs ALIVE in your words, your thoughts reveals what is creating your World. The Hurt Self, The fractured Self, The Powerless Child is still a part of Us. Knowing this, we can call Bullshit on our Beliefs and Attitudes. Stopping to Reframe what we Say to our Self or Out loud recognizing You Must take a Stand for You and Fight for You as you would a Loved One. If you would Not look a Precious child in the eyes and Say IT to them, DO NOT say it to YOU. You Must SEE Your Self first. You Must Hear Your Self instead of waiting for the World to SEE you and HEAR you. The Miracle of This OPENS the Miracle of You. Freeing YOU. You Speak to the World being YOU. What are YOU Saying?! Hmmm. Ask. Believe. Receive. Kickassssss for YOU. Woo woo woofuckinhoo :))!

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