Friday, February 20, 2015

What If Living Life is the Greatest Spiritual Practice?

Living Life is my Spiritual Practice. Which is the Same answer I give when Asked what I Do for Fun. Life is Fun when Lived from our Spirit Ever-Free. Consciously inviting our Joy to guide our lives, our Choices. Joy beyond an Idea is a Resonance within that Feels like a Smile embodied. Beyond conditions or circumstances, Joy is The light of the heavens washing through as we walk this Earth living this Magnificent Human Journey. Experiencing the Adventure of being You. And Me. Our Great Personal Odysseys playing out distinctively and collectively. Together we Rise. Together we Fall. Truly! You Rising, receiving this Life you came here to Live, expressing your Authentic Self, lift us All and it is your Greatest offering to the World. Untangling your Self from limiting Beliefs. Questioning and Living the Answers. Assessing thoughts that are Not your Own inherited by our Culture or Family. Dismissing what Insults you at the level of Soul. Setting Intentions. Visualizing your Dreams realized. Seeing your Spirit Materialized where your Truest Self creates the Life. Thinking from the End. Feeling the Joy in The Evolution of You coming Alive inviting More of You to come Out and Play. Placing a Prayer around It asking the Universe to Assist in All Matters and Trusting it is instantly Done. Each Day, You are Directing Your Life Force partnering with the Universe Within You. Touching the Magic. Breath by Breath. Opening your Self to the Possibilities. Believing with All of You that Amazing Grace is at Work bringing who You need into Your Life; taking you where You must Go; clearing out the Old. In the Letting Go More Life is Written! Being attached, needing to Keep things the Same, Controlling outcomes, closing Your Self off creates a drag Energetically where You have no juice to Fuel the Life you want to Create. Even the Smallest changes bring huge Shifts opening You and Your Life. Whatever you are Focusing on, you are plugging your precious energy into. Whatever you give Attention to, you are tying your Self to energetically. Be Aware. Just Notice. Observe your Self without Judging. Energy doesn't lie! Experiences are All Perfect and Purposeful even the ones we wanna wish Away. Moments reveal what we truly Believe in our Core beyond what we think we Believe. Giving us the Opportunity to consciously reprogram Old attitudes and Fears from lifetimes and this Lifetime. Bringing into our Consciousness what we weren't aware of shifts Everything. Otherwise, we keep creating the Same things bringing fated interventions to wake Us Up. Returning us to a Sense of Self connected to the Power within. Remembering who we Truly are: The Dreamer AND The Dream. This Life is one helluva Ride and it Surely ain't easy to Face our Self and Face the moments Trying to Tell Us what we don't wanna hear. You are Courage in MOTION! Let your Brave Heart take You Boldly into this Day. Daring to Show Up and LISTEN to what Life's telling You; Dancing with the Moments. BELIEVING with All of You: Anything is Possible! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). Ohhh, BELIEVE! Ask. Receive. And LIVE your Life.

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