Friday, February 6, 2015

You are ALIVE!

You are ALIVE! Living this Wondrous journey. Daring to Create your own Masterpiece. Touching the Sacredness within You. Aligned. Remembering: YOU MATTER! Who You Are in this Moment shifts into who You are Becoming. You are Opening Breath by Breath until your last Breath. Breath is Life. As long as there's Breath in Your Body, You are Ever-Growing through the Seasons of Your Life that Prune what is inessential in order to Free More of You. Bringing the Surprises. Taking You into the Wild within that is the truest Self. Revealing what was concealed. Beautifying You as the Truth echoes from the depths. Pouring All that Light You cannot See into the World. Returning to the Source in the Final Letting Go. Last evening, The skies were like pink cotton candy as the Day closed with the Sun setting. And the Moon came to usher in the Night. Our dance with Nature, the Skies, the celestial Forces brings Holy communion with our Sacred Self and Human Self. Remembering: Our own Nature. We are Creatures of Soul experiencing this earthy Adventure. I connected to the Moment. With My Self. With You. With All Life at Play. Feeling this YES! echoing. Feeling this abiding THANK YOU churning in my Heart. My Mom flashed through Me. The Wisdom she imparted from the Death Bed where she was More in her Spirit freeing her from Human beliefs, all the Conditioning that had governed her Life. I remembered The moment she Experienced God other than a Man in the Sky, judging and punishing and ruling her with Fear. I had showed her photos from the Hubble Space Station. The mystical, wondrous, magical Images flooded her. She Smiled as she never had before lighting Up. Connected to her Spirit. Delighting with sheer Amazement, oohing and ahhhing. Exclaiming: "That's God! I see God." I wept feeling her liberated as she sat in the Moment. So Alive! In her Life fully Present and Open with Childlike Wonder. A return to Innocence where she touched the Part of her that was untouched by her human Experience. Her death would come soon after this and the Profound sweetness of witnessing her come Alive continues to Breathe Life into Me. The Power of an Image. The Power of Music. The Power of Art. The Power of a Moment. The Power of Life Ever-Flowing leading You Home. The Power of YOU expressing who You truly are. Ever-growing. Ever-evolving. Liberates All. Ohhh the Power of YOU and your Life is Miraculous! Yes You. Believe!!! I Belive in You. Woo woo woofuckinhoo :)! It is Damn Good to Be YOU.

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