Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ALIVE Conversations Awaken Us!

ALIVE Conversations CHANGE us! Opening us where we didn't even Know we were Closed. The Words. The shared Ideas. The Being Heard and freely Speaking all that Heart and Soul. The Energy exchanged. The depth of honesty being Spirited and Spontaneous and Saying what comes without censoring. A Conversation with John about "Awakening" and the use of Yoga and Meditation grew these words as it took me into a Conversation within My Self to simply share my Experience. What I know in this Moment is the Living of Every moment has Awakened me. And there is More to Awaken until the Final Letting Go. Always MORE Life Force, More consciousness to untether from the Past: The Story of You wrapped in limited Beliefs inherited from your Family of Origin; from Cultural spells deeply embedded in Paradigms and Constructed models; from the Collective Unconscious where these invisible Agreements have an energetic drag holding You back until you See what you simply could Not before, becoming Aware, bringing into consciousness and reclaiming Your Power choosing Not to Participate. Becoming Aware is Everything! Observing where you give Others authority over your Life, where Fear dictates your choices instead of coming from the Empowered Self. Understanding this Primal Fear of Survival is a part of the human make up so We agree to Things believing we will Die if we don't. This sounds absurd but it is Life-transforming to See the Part of us we want to deny that is sewn in the fabric of Humanity. Daring to be present to your Self in the Direct Experiences of being Fully human while connected to your divine Essence. Yes, I did practice yoga for a few years and it helped me tune into the wisdom of my body. And listen at a depth. But I also used spiritual tools to attempt to bypass LIFE. The hurt Self is always trying to protect us from more Pain which is simply a part of Life. It will use spiritual practices to Avoid and keep life from touching us. Ultimately, practices that connect Us to our Sacred Self take us into a new Depth of Experience as humans allowing us to be with Our Self and Others in the Light and the Darkness. Being fully human is badass BRAVE! Life is what we seek and this is here and now. Nirvana experienced - YOU alive at play with Life on this human journey as John and Kathy (being YOU). Dare to Listen to All that heart and soul! Meet the moments with A sense of Wonder and Awe. Let Go of trying to Control Life and Be Perfect. Above All else: Trust your Self. Stay tuned into your higher Self as you explore various practices that connect you to your Spirit. Ok? Okay:). Your Joy in being YOU is what makes Life Rich. Awakening is Seeing the Beauty of You and daring to Express it Wildly and let it GROW You. Letting go! Again and again. Liberating the Surprise of You. Love love love being YOU! Let that be your Prayer every day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). Grow the Fun in Being YOU!

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