Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PLAY the Song of YOU!

Ohhh, what lies within You. Me. All. Beyond our comprehension. It must be Felt. This Energy must be sipped into your bones. The Vibration of the Cosmos pulsing through your Very breath. Animating Your being. Rising You to heights you came here to Reach. Reminding you there's More. Always More. As you are Ever-Growing. Ever-Evolving. Ever-Blossoming into the Fuller expression of You. Know thyself! Is the Wisdom of the Ages. But do Not lock your Self into a Limited Idea only knowing your Self to be who you Are in this moment. Look back on your Life and You will See the Beauty of you revealed again and again at Play with Life. Stand in this New Now. This New Day breaking. Let Go and let it Open you in ways that will Surprise the Hell outa You. Fly Free from the Ideas impressed upon You around the Roles you Play in Life. And Be You! Dare to Be YOU. More of You than You can Imagine. Question Everything from the depths of you. Being reflective. Dismissing what insults your Soul. Spitting out what you simply cannot digest. Living the Answers! Asking and Seeing what Holds You Back. Your precious Life Force locked into Concepts caging your Vitality that Springs eternal. Liberating your Self from the cultural spells around Aging? Marriage? Being single? Living the Dream? What a Good Life is? What Success is? What makes You a Good person? And touching the Goodness within YOU. The Abundance of Life ever-flowing. The wisdom echoing: PLAY! You are here to PLAY the Greatest Song of YOU. You are the Love of the Universe in the flesh. You are the Hope. You are the Joy. You are the Amazing Grace sprinkling your Glory all over this Day being You. You are the Miracle. No need to wait on Anything outside of You to Rescue You from a Life that isn't You. The Power lies within You. Pull the Rip cord! Let it Ride You Home to your Self. Meet your Self with Awe and Wonder. You are You. BELIEVE in the Magic of your Life. You are Worthy and Deserving of All your Heart's Desires. Go Ahead: Receive your Self. Dance Wildly into the Unknown. Knowing the Greatness of Life is You. Never outside of You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! Ohhh, My My My Myyyyy. It is Damn AMAZING to Be You.

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