Monday, February 2, 2015

Say what Scares You Most!

You are Brave enough to Be Afraid. Go Ahead: Say what SCARES you Most! Do what scares You Most! Making it Safe to be Afraid reveals depths of Your Brave Heart fierce Enough to Free You. Bringing the Fear Up and Out so You consciously choose in the Moment liberating the part of You held hostage. Seeing what You couldn't. Lifting the Veils. Experiencing Amazing Grace ever- Opening You. Enlivening You. Expressing Your Self instead of Repressing. Feeling the Heat of Anxiety wash through You. Feeling the Worry gripping your Breath. Feeling the Doubt caging Your Spirit. Feeling as If the Universe is Against You as Your Confidence drains. Letting it come and letting it go. Breathing. Making Space. Knowing it's okay even when it doesn't Feel Okay. Being in the Direct Experiences of Your Life. Focusing Your Attention on You and how you want to Live. Participating fully in the evolution of You. Allowing More of You to come Play. Noticing when You hold back hesitating to Be You to Stand in who You truly Are fearing how others will Respond. Fearing Rejection. Wanting to Belong. Trying to fit In. Knowing that these primal Fears based on Survival are part of being Human. No matter how Grown we are, there is More Growth until our last Breath. Each of us wants to Belong, to Connect, to Fit In, to be Accepted, to be Known, to be Seen, to be Loved. This is innate. Your awareness of this Empowers You. Your denial pretending to Not be Afraid to Not Care locks You away holding your energy. Operating from this Awareness, You flow with Life wherever You Are. Letting Go of control is Powerful. Meeting Your Self and whatever comes Up. Letting it Be. No longer attempting to Control the Uncontrollable is Powerful! Plugging into your Life Force, the Essence of You that creates a Kickass relationship with Your Self. No Bullshit Living! Not Resisting. Dancing with Fear and insecurities, You are Unstoppable. You are Riding this Life instead of It Riding You. Shifting into gears You have never Touched, You are fueled by the Truth. Receiving the Magic! Believing in the Miracle You are. Daring to Do what You Must. Plunging below the Surface to excavate the Wisdom. Mining for the Gold in the Lead. Remembering what feels as if it will Kill You has actually come to Free You. You are You. Badass Brave! Enjoyyyyy being YOU and watch the JOY Rise breath by breath. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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