Saturday, February 7, 2015

Come Out and PLAY!

Ahhhh...Sweet Surrender! As a Writer and Speaker and Life Coach The words come. They are Gifts. I Receive them and Give them Away. Without hesitation, I dance with Words as it is a part of Me. Expressing who I am. Sharing thoughts, ideas and stories is Not an Option for Me. I cannot Not. It is a choiceless choice. Sewn in the Fabric of who I Am. The words are Insistent. Repression is no longer an Option. I let them come. And let them Go OUT into the world to do what they Do. Speaking All that Heart and All that Soul connecting to the Cosmic Heart and Soul. My Heart and Soul at Play with Your Heart and Soul. For years, I resisted my Own Nature. And it killed my Spirit. It made me Heavy: mind, body, heart and soul as I walked in the world disconnected from my Sacred Self. No sense of Self just a sense of Obligation feeling burdened by Life. Carrying the weight of the world feeling responsible for everyone but never tending to my Self. Caring for others with no regard for my needs pretending I didn't Need anyone or anything. Sacrificing my wants and needs to please others not tasting the Pleasure of being Me. And Being Alive. Appreciating others but never pausing to See My Self. To Hear My Self. To Free My Self. To Speak to the World being Me fearing I was Not enough. Terrified that I was Too Much! And longing to be Seen. To be Heard. To be Free. To Speak the truest Song in my Heart and Soul simply being Me. Expressing Authentically. Claiming my Own Voice. Listening to my Wants and Needs. The sweetest Surrender ever-growing is Me inviting my Self, More of who I am to come out of Hiding. To Step into my Self letting the Wild within Me Roar. Holding my Own hand and Taking the Fear and insecurities by the other Hand and Jumping. Ohhh, Life. The Liberation walk. "How did I get Here? I often Ask. With a Sense of My Self. Carved by this Road." Each of Us is the Best Kept Secret. Each of Us is buried Alive by Hurts, Wounds, Pain, Shame, The many Poisons of FEAR. It is our Shared Story. Coming OUT! Being Counted. Knowing You Count. Knowing we All Count. You Matter. We All Matter. You are Worthy and Deserving of a Life You Love as are we All. Remembering the Cage door is Open. Always Open. Flying Free again and again. Daring to Let Go of the barriers and walls and False Self. Not keeping who You Truly are Secret. Tuning into your divine Essence, this Force of Love animating You and Calling You Home. Receiving your Self and Giving your Self away for the Joy of It. Feeling Connected. Feeling so Damn ALIVE as Passion springs from the Well within. You speaking to the World being You. Now, that's LIVIN'. The Courage to Surrender who you Think You are and Welcome the Truth and Beauty of You is Badassss! The Sweetness of life known even in the Bitter. Come PLAY! It is Time. The World is requesting the Pleasure of YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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