Thursday, February 12, 2015

Words AWAKEN Us!

Words awaken Me. What an Amazing way to enter the Days. Sometimes songs Deliver lyrics feeding me word by word rhythmically washing through. Freeing me with a Sense of Self and Possibilities for All. This morning I Awakened to WORDS with distinct Messages flowing from kindred souls. The Wisdom of the Ages ever-Present. The ghosts of Great Spirits ALIVE in the words they left behind. This energy of Love and Truth echoes through You. Me. All. Swirling through the Cosmos. Awakening us from our Slumber as we Move through the Days of our Life. Each moment so Precious. Fueled by the breath of the heavens. The same breath that fed those who have gone before Us. The Same breath that will feed those who come after Us. Breath is Life! This Force within Us animating all of Creation. Reminding Us who we truly Are. Since the beginning of Time, the shared Story of Humanity. Forgetting who we truly are and remembering who we truly are. Connected to this Power that lies within Us feeling guided Step by Step into the Life we came here to Experience sharing this Love, this Passion, All that Heart and Soul. The One True Thing. You being You. Me being Me. Inviting others to Play with Us being who They Are! What An amazing Exchange with others when each brings who they are to the Moment. Authentic Expression is the Fresh Air that springs from our Essence. No tryin to say the Right Thing or Withholding our Voice. Letting Go. Coming Alive. Liberating More. Again and again. Saying What comes. Unapologetic. Knowing You Matter. Everyone Matters. Each of Us journeying within to Touch the Sacred. Each of Us materializing our Spirit. Living the Life aligned with a Deep Knowing: ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! You are Loved and Supported always by assisting Forces. You are the Miracle. The outer world mirrors your Inner World. And the whole of your Life you Must Stare down the Beast. Look fear in the Eye. And Do what scares the crap out of You. What feels as if it will Kill you has come to Free You. More of You. And there's always More! Feel the Vibration of these words Free of Agenda. So Pure. Drink them Into your Bones. Ralph Waldo Emerson whispered to Me: "If I have Lost confidence in Myself the Universe is against Me." And Henry David Thoreau chimed In : "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the Life you Imagined." Confidence comes from your Connection to Your Spirit, the truest Self. Knowing who You are. Standing with a Sense of Self beyond the human story that fractures us bleeding our Life Force. Wholeness comes in Returning Home. Going within to Go OUT into the World creating a Life You absolutely Love. A life that fits. Living this Dream Awake. Emerson Added: "What lies behind us and lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within Us." You are a Force of Nature. A Creative Field of potential lies within You. Expressing Your Own Nature is the Greatest Joy. "Think from the end!" Was the final Message. Urging us to Visualize the Dream realized. Seeing it. Feeling it. Knowing it. BELIEVING it is Possible. Trusting every moment is leading You where you Always knew You would Go. Be Stoked! Be You. Let Life Surprise You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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