Saturday, February 21, 2015

This Too Shall Pass. But Here It IS!

This too Shall Pass. But Here it IS! I had forgotten how Harsh the Winter is. And the Energy the Cold relentlessly steals. Biting wind chills. Icy roads. Hibernating. Cabin Fever. This too shall Pass. But Here it IS. I awakened this Morning to "This too shall Pass. Everything Passes. Let it Pass." And my soul echoed Wisdom back: "Ohhh Yes. I do Know this. But HERE it IS." This makes me giggle as I Believe every moment is Rich and Abundant no matter how Harsh. Each Season whether we like it or Not is purposeful doing what it does Naturally. The forces of our Own Nature Unconditionally at Play in All the Conditions of Life. I observe our cultural resistance Using Platitudes to bypass feelings that must wash through And wring Us. Focusing on the Passing strips the necessary experience that has come Knocking on our Door. Here it IS. And here I am (You Are). And the next here will surely come. It is Holding The Paradox. Allowing both! Knowing it will Pass resting assured AND Being Present to what has come to Visit. I remember hearing: "This too shall pass!" Over and over following the death of my husband. I wanted to SCREAM (and eventually I did SCREAM like a Wild Woman over a Bon Fire in the Winter Night exorcizing the Ugly Truth not Fit for the Day Light ): "Yes. I F*cking KNOW THIS! I KNOW! I KNOW this will Pass! but it is RIGHT HERE swallowing me. Just Be with me! Please. Until it Passes." But People just could Not be with Me in the rawness of my Pain. And I absolutely understand. Yes. I. Do. If we are uncomfortable with our own Pain, we can't be with Others in Pain. We are master Avoiders as a Culture. Not understanding The Pain actually cuts Life into Us. Liberates Us. Takes us Deeper into Our True Self. Where we come ALIVE! Touching All that Heart and Soul. Connecting to the Spirit that is Free in All moments Dancing with what Comes. Not labeling and slicing life into Negative and Positive, Good or Bad, trying to do life Right as if feeling is Wrong and Shameful. Life's a little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell. And when you know your personal hells, You can only Bless those in their Dark hours pouring your Heart into theirs instead of judging. Be here. With Your Self. Touch your Heart. And pour it into the Heart of the World. The Heart heals. The judgment just doesn't. Love Your Self wherever You are and you can Love All wherever they are. This brings The Beauty to the Ugliest moments. Being Fully Human is Badasss Brave! Be Brave. Be You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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