Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Excitement is a GREAT Prayer!

Living the Energy of YES!!! Excitement is a Great Prayer. An exchange of All that Heart and Soul with the Heart and Soul of the World. You Stoked fuel the Collective Fire. Believing in your Self and Others. Truly Believing anything is Possible! And Reminding others of the Magic that lies within Them. Connected to your Own Nature, You show others the way Home to their Truest Self. BELIEVING in You. Me. All. We are One. We are in this Together. And there is Enough to Go around. The Universe is Infinite. No such thing as Scarcity. Only Abundance. Faith in Your Self feeling this Cosmic Force guiding You creates Faith in Humanity. You are The Hope. I am the Hope. We are The Hope. Tapping into the Power of the Universe directing the Field of Energy through Intention. Knowing you are Worthy and Deserving of the Good Life brings all Day, every Day. Receiving the Good. Counting Blessings. Saying THANK YOU, More Please understanding Life is Abundant and you are ever-Growing. There is ALWAYS More until the End. Letting Go again and again. Reaching for More. We are Creatures of Soul here to Create! There is Joy in Freeing all this Fire You carry. Expressing your Self. Living the Passion. Declaring what You want! Wanting is Sacred as it is You Sayin YES! Let's Play to the Universe. Understanding the Infinite potential within You. Being EXCITED for You and for All. Being EXCITED to Be You is to Live with Gratitude that You get to Ride this Life. Being EXCITED by the Surprises that come from you Daring to Show Up for this Dance. Moment by moment. Asking for what you want and Trusting it will come. Planning and letting it Go. Doing your Part and Letting the Amazing Grace Blow through mystically. Expecting the Magic. Knowing everything is Unfolding Perfectly even when you cannot See it. Believing with All of YOU. Receiving. Saying THANK YOU! All day. And when people Ask why you are So Excited, say: I am EXCITED by Life! And watch them grow Wings before your Eyes. I am EXCITED for You. Me. All. Feel my EXCITEMENT! Borrow from It. Take as much as You Need as this Energy is Limitless. Happyass Dancing with YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)) so EXCITED for You! YESSSS. I. Am.

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